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 The Nevis Historical and Conservation Society maintains the Archives of Nevis, situated at the Nelson Museum next to Government House in Bellvue.

Use of the Library and Archives are free to members of the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society. There is a charge for non-members - EC$5/US$2 per file for personal research.

The department will assist with any search request at an initial charge of EC$50.00/US$20.00,
an increment of EC$26.00/US$10.00 will be charged per hour as the search continues.
To ensure that an archivist is available to assist you, please call or e-mail for an appointment.

 Archives and Library hours:
Monday-Friday 9:00am - 3:30pm.
Phone: 1-869-469-0408 Fax 1-869-469-0274
e-mail: gdore@nevis-nhcs.org


Shipwrecks & Travels, Forts & Batteries, Sugar & Slavery, West Indian History, Caribbean history, and Jewish history. etc.

Nevis Council Minutes, Laws of Nevis.

Newspaper collection (Nevis & St. Kitts)

Church records:
Methodist and Anglican Church records

Methodist: Births and Baptismal (1825-1894)

Anglican: St. Thomas' Parish;
Births & Baptismal (1831-1920)
Deaths (1827-1956)
Marriages (1827-1965)

St. James Parish:
Births & Baptismal (1832&1893-1900, 1839-1938, 6th April, 1939)
Deaths (1839-1893, some; 1843-1913)
Marriages (1907-1989)

St. Pauls Parish:
Births & Baptismal (1824-1953)
Deaths (1837-1965)
Marriages (1826-1962)

Map collection: West Indian maps (from 1656), plantation charts, navigation map, aerial maps of Nevis

Audio-Visual Materials: photographs, slides, video cassettes, audio tapes, and microfiche of the Weslyn Methodist Society

Oral History Collection: manuscripts, video cassettes and audio tapes, microfiche



West Indian Collection - history, geography, culture
Flora and Fauna of the Caribbean (this includes a specimen collection)
Alexander Hamilton Collection
Horatio Nelson Collection
Environmental Topics (specific to Nevis and the Caribbean)
Historic Preservation
Environmental Education:

Caribbean and West Indian History Texts:

  • Swords, Ships & Sugar: history of Nevis by Vincent K. Hubbard, Revised addition, 2002
  • Arawaks to Africans by R. Greenwood & S. Hambler, 1979
  • Slavery and the Slave Trade;
    James Walvin/1983
  • Caribbean Life and Culture;
    Sir Fred Phillips/1991
  • Global Culture, Island Identity: Continuity and Change in the Afro-Caribbean Community of Nevis by Karen Fogg, 1993.
  • Nevis Queen of the Caribbean by Deborah Lellouch, 2001

    Rare Collection:
  • A Natural History of the Island of Nevis by William Smith., 1745.
  • West Indian Fortune by Richard Pares (the best plantation documentation), 1962.
  • Handbook of the Leeward Islands;
    Henry Watkins
  • Beinecke Collection - a catalogue of books, manuscripts, prints, maps and drawings,
    1521-1860 of the Lesser Antilles
  • General Guide Book
    Beinecke Collection-a catalogue of books, manuscrips, prints, maps and drawings (1521-1860) of the Lesser Antilles (held at Hamilton College, Clinton, New York.

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