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  According to the NHCS Articles of Association (Articles) the Executive Board is composed of a minimum of eleven persons, including its President, Vice-president, Secretary, and Treasurer, and an ex officio member appointed by the Nevis Island Administration. The current membership of fifteen also includes an appointed 'Youth' representative. While these last two members are appointed by their organizations, all others are elected to one year terms (to a maximum of three consecutive terms) at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in February. To fill vacancies arising between AGMs, appointments may be made by the Board. The Director is an ex officio member of the Board and its meetings are open to the public.

 The Executive Board is the governing authority of the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society. It shall "conduct the business, manage the property, administer the funds and care for the general interests of the Society." It also accepts all legal responsibility for the Society, controls its finances, sets policy, and ensures that the purposes for which the Society exists are fulfilled. It works within the scope and limitations of the Society's Memorandum of Association, the Society's Articles, and the law of the Federation. All these responsibilities are assigned to the Board not least because it is also the stable, continuing element of the Society. Staffs are transient; even Directors and curators eventually leave. So the Board assumes responsibility for the museums and their collections as well as for the various programs of the Society which it holds in trust for the present and future community.

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To contact NHCS, staff names are linked to appropriate e-mail.
20011-12 Executive Board
President   Hanzel Manners
Vice President Marcia Myers
Treasurer Warren Moving
Acting Secretary Suzanne Gordon
Gov. Rep. Arthur Anslyn
Gov Youth Rep. Shavane Joseph

Angela Cozier
Michelle Clarke
Jennifer Hodge
Andrea Kaye
Sheila Hanley
Clara Walters
John Yearwood

Committee Chairs:

Archives & Museums Andrea Kaye
Membership Activities Beverly Robinson
Jackie Dalgleish
Nevis Field Studies Centre Evelyn Henville
Historian Vincent K. Hubbard
Environmental Education Miriam Knorr
Historic Preservation Suzanne Gordon
Conservation & Bio-diversity Isabel Byron
Fundraising Marcia Myers

Editor Marsha Smith

General email
- nhcs.mail@gmail.com

2012 NHCS Staff

Executive Director Evelyn Henville

Gail Dore
Ag. Curator for Collections & Museums

Gennifer Broadbelt
Manager, Museum Shops & Assistant Archivist

Cynthia Hughes
Shop Attendant & Membership

Nicholette Walters
Business Officer

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